Handling of Personal Information

Representative Director
Nitto Co., Ltd. Michihiro Shigenobu
  • 1. Matters Concerning the Public Announcement of the Purpose of Personal Information

    The purpose of personal information handled by Nitto Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is as follows.

    Types of "Personal Information"Purpose
    (1) Personal information obtained in the course of entrusted campaign operations
    [Name, address, age, telephone number, etc.]
    For sending campaign giveaways, other goods and services
    For responding to inquiries
    (2) Personal information on clients obtained in the course of entrusted customer member registration operations
    [Name, address, age, sex, telephone number, etc.]
    Provision of information associated with product introductions by clients and products, and notification of campaign services
    Sending of information publications
    (3) Employee information For the employment management, welfare and attendance management of employees
    (4) Recruiting information For sending documentation and contacting accepted candidates
    (5) Client and supplier information For contacting clients and suppliers
    For seasonal greetings, etc.
    (6) Security camera video For security management

    Of the items above, requests may be made to the Company concerning the personal information in (3) to (5) for notification of the purpose, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of content, suspension of use, removal or suspension of provision to a third party as personal information subject to disclosure.

  • 2: Notice of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

    1. Personal information that has been entrusted in a campaign, etc. shall be handled by the client's customer support officer or the campaign office. The Company does not have the authority to respond to inquiries.
    2. Specific contact points are stated in the documents for each campaign.
      The Company shall publicly announce the following matters on the handling of personal information subject to disclosure. We will respond to inquiries made to the following telephone number and e-mail address concerning personal information subject to disclosure including employee information.
      • (1)Company name: Nitto, Co., Ltd.
      • (2) Personal Information Protection Manager: Campaign Office Manager (03-5339-6471)
      • (3)Purpose of all personal information subject to disclosure
        • See "1. Matters Concerning the Public Announcement of the Purpose of Personal Information"
      • (4)Contact for inquiries and complaints concerning the handling of personal information subject to disclosure
        • Title of contact point: Personal Information Contact (Personal Information Protection Manager)
        • Phone:03-5339-6471
        • E-mail:soumu-n@aanitto.co.jp
      • (5)Name of the certified personal information protection organization to which the Company belongs and contact point for the resolution of complaints
        • Name of certified personal information protection organization: JIPDEC
        • Contact point for the resolution of complaints: Personal Information Protection Complaint Consultation Office
        • <Address>Roppongi First Building, 9–9 Roppongi 1–chome, Minato–ku Tokyo, 106–0032
        • <Phone>0120-700-779
      • (6)Method of requesting disclosure
        • We will provide a written response concerning detailed procedures on the following to those who make inquiries.
          • Application documents to be submitted (including means of identity verification)
          • Requests by proxy (Documents required for legal representative or representative appointed as proxy)
          • Notification and means of collection when fees are required
          • Method of response (in principle, conducted in writing)

      The application documents based on the above shall only be used for performing the investigations required for responding to the inquiry and for verification of identity, stored in the Company for two years and responsibly disposed of thereafter. Notification containing details such as the purpose of collecting information shall be sent in writing.

February 1, 2007
Revised: June 19, 2018
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