Corporate overview

Company name Nitto Co., Ltd (Meiji'group)

[Head Office]
1–5–1 Tomigaya, Shibuya–ku, Tokyo

Phone : 03–3469–2131 (Switchboard)


[Kyobashi Office]
2–4–16 Kyobashi, Chuo–ku, Tokyo


[Okinawa Office]
8F, 1–1–14 Matsuyama, Naha–shi, Okinawa

Founded December 21, 1951 (Switchboard)
Representative Masaru Hosoi Representative Director and President
Capital 226.5 million yen
Major Shareholders

Meiji Co., Ltd. , Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. , Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Gunma Bank, Ltd.


Chairman and Executive DirectorHiroshi Yokoyama

Representative Director and PresidentMasaru Hosoi

Member of the BoardSatoshi Nakayama

Member of the BoardHiroyuki Hoshikawa

Member of the BoardKazuhumi Murahashi

Member of the BoardTsuyoshi Kitoh

Member of the BoardJunichi Otani

Member of the BoardKinya Murakami

Audit & Supervisory Board MemberHideaki Sato

Business Details
  • Handling of TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and Web media
  • Planning and production of commercials and videos
  • Planning and production of graphic advertising
  • Planning, production management and maintenance management of outdoor advertising
  • Space design
    • (1)Construction of commercial stores
    • (2)Exterior and interior planning, design and construction
    • (3)Design and construction of exhibition booths
  • Photo studio (Palm Studio)
Major Clients

Meiji Co., Ltd. , Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , DENTSU TEC INC.

Bank Mizuho Bank, Ltd. , The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. , Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation , Gunma Bank, Ltd.
Organization Memberships

JAC (Japan Ad.Contents production companies Association)

Japanese Society Of Lightning Directors

JPP (Japan Point of Purchase Promotion Institute Inc.)

JAAA (Japan Advertising Agencies Association)

Construction Permits

Electrical Construction Business – Governor of Tokyo – General 24 – 481

Interior Finishing Construction Business – Governor of Tokyo – General 24–481

Scaffolding and Construction Business – Governor of Tokyo – General 24 – 481

Steel Structure Construction Business – Governor of Tokyo – General 24 – 481

Privacy Mark Certification No. 10830038 (06) acquired in August 2005
General Liquor Retailer License Acquired in March 2013


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