1951 December The company was launched as Nitto Kogei Co., Ltd. (1.9 million yen capital), which was Nitto's predecessor, by founder Hajime Shimizu. It began activities centered on SP activities and POP planning and production.
1954 March Capital increased by 2.5 million yen
1968 Began business handling printing media
1963 October Entered the outdoor billboard production and store interior/exterior planning and production business
Began commercial film planning and production business
1968 June Capital increased to 100 million yen for expansion of business and company name changed to Nitto Co., Ltd.
1970 May Capital was increased to 150 million yen
1972 May Capital increased to 226.5 million yen
1973 September Head office building constructed in the current location. Palm Studio established on the 2nd floor of the building.
1980 October Began operations handling AM radio media
1981 November Entered the video planning and production business
1983 October Began operations handling FM radio media
1985 May Began operations handling television media
1992 January Began character copyright management operations
2004 April Began Web operations
2011 December Established the Okinawa Office
2012 July Merged with Publicity Co., Ltd.
2018 April Began an aggregating service for sales promotion goods of Meiji Co., Ltd.