As an ad agency, Nitto proposes optimal communication solutions from three perspectives/directions/measures.

Business Information

Store promotion
The company plans deploys and implements premium campaigns, store tools and novelty goods with a high promotional effect in stores where consumers purchase products (services).
In addition to evident issues, the company digs up potential issues and conducts planning from scratch of measures aimed at resolving such issues. The company proposes optimal solutions linking clients and consumers.
The company proposes optimal communication (commercials, promotional videos, advertisements, catalogs, novelties and inner tools) by utilizing a variety media such as mass media, the Web and stores with the aim of resolving issues faced by clients.
The company plans and manages operations aimed at expanding recognition (sales) of products (services), such as events, sampling and demonstrations in exhibition halls and exhibition spaces.
The company proposes highly cost-effective media plans by combining a variety of media according to issues, objectives, budgets and promotional measures.
We analyze and ascertain clients’ issues and consumer preferences, and propose optimal digital promotion plans and measures that incorporate the latest trends and designs.

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